Science Governance in an Intertwined Historical Perspective of Moldo-Romanian Academic Cooperation

Exploring science management while considering the activity of the Romanian Academy and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Scientific academies play an important role in the development of science as a system, production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as advising state and political authorities on scientific and technical matters. Although there is uncertainty on what is the role and place of knowledge societies in today’s globalized world, academies of sciences should not be undervalued. Due to their historical evolution, two Romanian academies have proliferated their role in the European scientific landscape, one with its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania – the Romanian Academy and the other in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The particular intertwined historical context of the two academies has shaped their governance models, laid the foundation for scientific schools and infrastructure, as well as provided answers to scientific and societal challenges. By focusing on this historical perspective of development of the Romanian and Moldovan Academy, the article provides new insight on the changing role that academies face in current state of play.

Article can be found on SpringerLink:

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